ASUS InstantOn

ASUS InstantOn 3.0

Increases the waking-up speed of ASUS notebooks
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Have your ASUS Notebook resume its functioning speed a lot quicker after being placed in the stand-by-mode. The tool supports stand-by-period as long as two weeks, using a low-power configuration. It also automatically saves all the current data once the battery power reaches 5% to avoid information loss.

ASUS InstantOn allows you to quickly resume your notebook from stand-by mode; it takes just two seconds to resume from Instant On Sleep mode to the last working state. InstantOn technology provides a standby time of up to two weeks, with its low power mode.

When the power is lower than 5%, Instant On will automatically store all the data which is in the job status to the SSD , and in the next boot on their own recovery, do not have to worry about data loss due to power disruptions.

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